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Dec 4, 2012 3:00am PST
. child of prince william. he and kate have been married for 19 months. kate was admitted to the hospital yesterday suffering from acute morning sickness. she needed extra hydration and nutrients and will spend a couple of days there. she's reportedly not quite 12 weeks pregnant so she's likely due in may or june. >> bill: third in line. it would be charles then william and then the baby and harry gets pushed out to pasture. >> bill: even if baby x is a girl? >> absolutely. the way they changed the line of succession to the throne, even if it's a girl. >> bill: you know it's big news when the white house press briefing opened with jay carney congratulating on behalf of the president and the first lady and everybody here at the white house, we all congratulate kate middleton for her pregnancy. >> it is a big story. >> bill: it is hardly the number one news story -- hardly worth the white house briefing. anyhow, not the first one to get pregnant. >> it is not that hard to get pregnant. i mean good for her and everybody. >> president obama has not started his second term yet but the
Dec 3, 2012 3:00am PST
is such a powerful portrayal. >> i would like to see william defoe as lincoln. that would be bad ass. >> portraying lincoln and showing him, i think, this is the great and folksy kind of person he was and then this debate over ratification of the 13th amendment and why do it at that time? and everybody was saying it happened right there in that fateful month of 1865 when we passed the amendment and ended the war and lincoln was assassinated. boom, boom, boom. >> crazy. >> it was major. you know and it's an argument to make. >> people keep saying i am not sure specifically but they are saying this movie reminds them of today. it might as well be happying happening today. i suppose because of the need to get something big done and we are tied up. i am not sure what. >> i hear that too. i think part of it is and i have heard from republican friends of mine that republicans, in fact the entire -- i forget. kevin mccarthy from california -- >> right. >> >>. >> organized a screening of "lincoln" for the republican caucus. now, why would he do that? well, people are -- republican friends of
Nov 30, 2012 3:00am PST
the wealthiest as william. that just isn't realistic. i can't imagine that in that kind of environment when given the option of extending tax cuts or reinstating them for all of those middle class families that the g.o.p. would stand in the way. so from a leverage point of view, i think the g.o.p. one of the reasons i think they are starting to cave on the issue is they realize they are in a far weaker position. >> as you point out let's say we get up to the deadline and the republican position still is: no on the 98% unless we get the tax cuts extended for the top two % as well. you are president obama. do you take that deal or say no deal? >> you say no deal. you say no deal. >> you have to. don't you? >> the election has to have meant something. this was a central facet of the election that, you know, those who have done well and in the last 10 years, you know, the story of the country unfortunately, has been that middle class families have stagnated or fallen back. working class families have definitely lost ground but those who have done well have done really well including in the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3